Brake Light Replacement For Your 2017 Ford Escape

The brake light switch provides power to all the braking signal lights at the back of your car, alerting drivers that you are slowing down. A burnt-out bulb in this light may increase your vulnerability in case of an accident or police officer stopping by for a checkup.

How to Replace the Brake Lights

Your Ford Escape’s brake lights alert drivers behind you when you are braking, slowing or making a turn. They serve as an important safety measure on Latham roads and may help avoid being rear ended.

Brake light bulbs will eventually need replacing, and it is a simple job anyone can do. Not only will this save you money in the long run by keeping you out of auto repair shops but it keeps you on the road as well.

Begin by loosening two retaining bolts that secure your taillight housing to the back of your SUV with a plastic pry tool. Do this by loosening them from their pressure studs underneath.

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Next, carefully unplug the electrical connector from the taillight housing. Rotate both brake and rear turn light bulb sockets at the top and bottom of the housing 1/4 turn counterclockwise before pulling them straight out.

Replace your burnt-out brake light or rear turn signal bulb with a new #3157 or 3157K bulb and reinsert the socket into its housing. Rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it in place.

The Third Brake Light

The third brake light is an effective signal to other drivers that you are slowing down and can be seen in the dark. A functional and bright third brake light can save you from costly accidents and help reduce repair bills in the long run.

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The Tail Lights

Your 2017 Ford Escape’s tail lights are an integral part of its safety and visibility package. Without them, you could be walking into a potential disaster – not to mention a traffic violation waiting to happen! Fortunately, replacing a burnt out tail light is a relatively affordable and straightforward DIY project that only requires some patience and minimal tools. With just some spare time, some basic tools, and patience you’ll be back driving in no time!

Utilizing a 12V LED bulb as the source for your new tail lights is the simplest and most reliable upgrade, as it requires very little maintenance. A quality set of smoked taillight covers can add an elegant touch to your Ford Escape without breaking the bank or sacrificing performance. When selecting colors for these covers, we offer many shades from blackout to smoke and even red out – all computer cut specifically for your vehicle.

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The Switch

The brake light switch is a small electrical component located near the brake pedal. It sends a signal to both your ignition switch and gear selector, confirming that you have depressed the brake pedal before starting your Escape or moving the gear selector into park position.

If the brake lights don’t illuminate when you press the pedal, there may be an issue with the switch. Unfortunately, brake light switches often become malfunctioning components when brake lights begin to malfunction.

On a 2017 Ford Escape, the switch for your taillight housing may be located inside. However, it is possible that you need to replace the entire housing. To do this, use a plastic pry tool to loosen pressure studs holding it in place and take out. Afterward, purchase an appropriate brake light bulb and socket so you can re-insert them into their original sockets.

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