2012 Volvo S60 Third Brake Light Replacement

When you press the brake pedal, a brake light bulb illuminates to alert other drivers that you are slowing down. Without working brake lights, you run an increased risk for car accidents and may receive a “fix-it” ticket from police officers.

If you see this warning appear on your dashboard, it could indicate that both of your taillights and one or more brake lights have burned out or no longer function properly. In order to restore safety while driving again, make sure this issue is addressed quickly.

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Brake Light

Your third brake light (also referred to as a rear window/center brake light) alerts other drivers when you are slowing down. It’s an essential safety measure that helps avoid car accidents and helps police officers detect when you might need assistance from law enforcement officers.

Your front turn signal and rear side marker lights alert other drivers that you are changing lanes or making a turn. They are essential in helping keep you safe and visible on the road, especially at night.

The brake light switch is a small electrical component that sends power to your brake lights when you press down on the pedal. Additionally, it sends signals to your ignition switch and gear selector, enabling you to start or shift out of park quickly.

Your brake light switch is a common component to fail due to wear and tear or contaminants like dust, dirt, or water. When this occurs, it’s essential that you have your switch replaced by a RepairPal Certified shop for optimal performance and reliability.

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Tail Light

A third brake light (also referred to as a rear window or center brake light) is located at the back of your vehicle and helps other drivers notice when you’re slowing down, helping prevent car accidents.

A functioning 2012 Volvo S60 third brake light replacement can help keep you safer on the road and alert other motorists of your slowing speed. Furthermore, having functioning brake lights prevents law enforcement officers from issuing fix-it tickets.

The brake light switch is an electrical component connected to the brake pedal that provides power to all braking signal lights on your vehicle. If this switch malfunctions, your brake lights may not illuminate when pressed or operate inconsistently.

You can tell if your brake light switch is malfunctioning by inspecting the wiring and sockets on each LED tail light bulb. If both are intact and securely seated, then it likely has something to do with a switch issue.

Turn Signal

When you press the brake pedal to slow down, a switch in your vehicle detects it and sends a signal for both front and rear brake lights to come on. This safety measure helps alert other drivers of your vehicle’s brakes as you slow down, helping avoid potential rear-end collisions.

This electrical component, located near your brake pedal, activates a circuit that also illuminates your taillights at night to help other drivers see you. When this circuit malfunctions, you may see an “check stop lamp” warning appear on your dashboard.

This is a serious matter and should be diagnosed promptly to ensure your vehicle’s safety on the road. A malfunctioning stop lamp could also indicate that your taillights have failed or are otherwise malfunctioning.

Side Marker Light

When changing lanes or trying to stay ahead of the pack, your front turn signal and rear side marker lights are essential in keeping other drivers safe. If one of these lights goes out or burns out, it could result in a ticket or worse.

Replacing your 2012 Volvo S60’s interior lights is a relatively straightforward task that only requires some skill, a flathead screwdriver and plenty of patience.

When shopping for side marker lights for your 2012 Volvo S60, there are a variety of options to choose from. LED side marker lights are perhaps the most popular choice due to their ease of installation and improved brightness & life expectancy; plus they cost-effective compared to incandescent alternatives. We carry an extensive selection of both LED/Xenon side marker lights so you can find one perfect for your vehicle.

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