Brake Light Replacement For Your 2014 Kia Soul

Your 2014 Kia Soul’s brake lights provide visibility to other drivers when you’re slowing down, helping protect you in the event of a rear end collision.

Once you notice that your brake light has burned out, it is wise to replace it immediately. Not only is having a functional brake light switch essential for safety, but it is also required by law.

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Brake Lights

Your rear lights are an essential safety device, helping other drivers see you when driving at night. They also illuminate brighter when braking, alerting them to when you are slowing down or stopping.

Your brake light bulbs will eventually burn out, necessitating replacement. We carry all the parts necessary for a hassle-free 2014 Kia Soul brake light replacement.

The brake light switch is a mechanical switch that activates when you press the brake pedal, sending voltage to all braking signal lights in your car. If it malfunctions, your car won’t be able to start or shift out of park.

Turn Signal Lights

Your Soul’s turn signal (also known as a blinker or flasher) alerts other drivers that you are about to make a turn. Unfortunately, when its bulb burns out, it no longer illuminates, potentially creating a safety hazard for others on the road.

To troubleshoot a burnt-out turn signal bulb in your Soul, start by turning on the hazard lights to determine which side isn’t illuminated. If that side isn’t illuminated, then the issue likely lies with either the front or rear turn signal bulb.

Kia Souls feature a dual filament LED turn signal bulb that illuminates in low power for parking lights, then switches to intense amber when the turn signals or hazards are activated. This unique dual brightness model, also known as switchback, gives your vehicle an even sleeker appearance than stock bulbs.

Side Marker Lights

Side marker lights aren’t just for show; they’re essential in keeping you and your passengers safe. Not only do they help make eye contact with other drivers, but they can also alert you of a vehicle in your blind spot. It is essential that both front and rear side markers function properly for safe driving.

2014 Kia Soul owners have several options to choose from, such as LED light bulbs which improve visibility while giving a clear nighttime driving path. Not only are these inexpensive to install but also relatively easy to remove for DIY repair projects.

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License Plate Lights

License plate lights, also referred to as tag lights, illuminate your vehicle’s license plates so they are visible from behind. These can be incandescent, LED, or a combination of both.

Tag light bulbs can be purchased online or at your local auto body shop for around $2-3 USD each.

To replace a license plate light bulb, first turn off your vehicle and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Afterwards, use either a flat-blade screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool to remove the lamp assembly.

Reverse Lights

Reverse lights on your Kia Soul are an excellent way to increase safety when reversing in the dark. Additionally, they serve as a warning to others that you are moving backwards, which may help avoid accidents or serious injuries.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your 2014 Kia Soul’s backup lights, consider replacing them with LED bulbs. Not only do these provide brighter illumination for your car, but also give it a sleek and modern appearance.

When looking for back-up lights, there are plenty of brands to choose from. Read reviews on our site or order online or at your nearest Advance Auto Parts store to find the right product for your vehicle.

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Parking Lights

Your 2014 Kia Soul’s parking lights may become dim over time, so it’s essential to replace them regularly. Visit one of our Advance Auto Parts locations or shop online to find the right replacement for your vehicle.

When shopping for parking lights for your Kia Soul, be sure to select the right bulb type based on its wattage and voltage specifications. The ideal type of light should have an LED indicator as well as be the appropriate size to fit inside of its housing.

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