Brake Light Bulb Replacement For Your 2016 GMC Yukon

A functioning brake light bulb alerts other drivers when you’re braking, allowing them to slow down accordingly. A dead bulb can result in accidents and citations.

A GM class action lawsuit claims the automaker and GMC dealerships should have extended a special coverage adjustment (SCA) for 2015-2016 Yukons to cover 2017-2019 models.

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How to

The brake light is one of the most crucial elements on any car. It alerts drivers behind you that your vehicle is slowing or stopping, and it also serves as an invaluable safety feature in case you ever have to use brakes during an emergency.

Unfortunately, your brake lights won’t do their job if they’re malfunctioning, so make sure to change them at the first sign of trouble. Doing this helps avoid being pulled over and cited by a police officer which could result in costly repairs as well as possible loss of your license.

Regularly replacing all of your car’s lights is a wise idea to increase their longevity and reduce the likelihood that you’ll need to replace them in the future. Check out Advance Auto Parts’ selection of top-quality light bulbs, flashers and fuses online or at one of our local stores today!


Brake lights provide drivers with protection when being rear-ended by other vehicles, but they often wear out over time and need replacing.

Homeowners can easily replace a brake light bulb. Just make sure you use the appropriate bulb for your car and follow OEM recommendations.

If you’re uncertain which bulb type you need for your vehicle, consult its owner’s manual for instructions. It may also be beneficial to bring along a burned-out bulb when shopping for a replacement so that it fits correctly on your model.

Once the old bulb is taken out and replaced with the new one, apply dielectric grease to prevent fusing or corrosion. You can find this product at most auto parts stores or online.

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Altering your brake light bulb is an essential safety measure for your vehicle, helping to prevent car accidents and signal other drivers to slow down.

When purchasing car or truck bulbs, there are several different types available to fit your system. Research each type thoroughly and compare prices before you make a purchase.

Are you in the market for new lights? Be sure to take a look at our selection of LED bulbs. These safer, more cost-effective alternatives to incandescent bulbs can provide your household with plenty of enjoyment.

Standard bulbs are much less susceptible to breakage, making them a superior option.

Quality LED bulbs will last a long time and look great in your Yukon. But before you get started, be sure to follow our instructions for safe installation. Doing so could protect yourself and your family from any potential injuries or damage to the car; so wear nitrile gloves and safety glasses when working with these new bulbs.


Brake lights in your car, truck or SUV alert drivers of when you are slowing down. When you press the brake pedal, a switch is activated that sends power to the brake lights at the back of your vehicle.

Brake lights are an integral safety measure that should never be disregarded. If your brake lights aren’t functioning properly, immediately stop driving your vehicle and have it checked at a nearby repair shop for inspection.

Replacing a brake light bulb is an inexpensive and straightforward task. But it’s worth taking the extra moment to ensure the new bulb is installed correctly. In addition to a working bulb, the brake light switch should also be functioning correctly. This switch is typically located under the dashboard or near the firewall near the brake pedal lever.

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