2021 Kia Sportage Brake Light Bulb Replacement

If your brake lights are fading or failing, it could be time for replacement. This is especially relevant if your vehicle is an older model with traditional bulbs instead of LEDs.

The 2021 Kia Sportage is a family-friendly SUV with standard safety features like forward automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection. Higher trim levels also come equipped with driver attention monitor and adaptive cruise control for added peace of mind.

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How to Replace

Your brake light bulb serves to serve as a visual cue to drivers behind you when applying the brakes, helping protect you from being rear-ended.

However, brake lights will dim over time and eventually burn out, so it is essential to replace them when they become unresponsive.

Begin by loosening the tail light housing using a screwdriver to turn two screws that attach it to the rear corner of your SUV.

Once the tail light housing has been taken apart, you can see a larger dark grey bulb socket which houses the brake (or “stop”) light bulb and a smaller grey socket for the rear side marker light.

To replace a brake bulb, begin by rotating the bulb socket counterclockwise to release it from its housing. Next, pull out the old brake light bulb and replace with new number 2357 bulb.

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Brake lights are an integral safety component in any car. They alert drivers behind you that you are slowing down, which can help avoid accidents from happening.

Brake lights also protect you against getting a ticket for not having brake lights, so when yours stop working, it’s time to replace them.

Installing a replacement bulb is relatively straightforward and can be completed by anyone with some DIY experience. Just be sure to purchase the correct bulb for your car model before beginning.

To access the light bulbs beneath, you’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Once the housing has been taken out, you can proceed to remove both brake and rear side marker bulbs with a small flathead screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool. Be careful not to overtighten these screws as this could damage the plastic inner edge of the tail light housing.


The brake light bulb on your 2021 Kia Sportage is an essential element of the safety system. It illuminates when you press on the brake pedal, providing a signal to drivers behind you to slow down or stop.

Additionally, brake lights help prevent rear-end accidents by alerting drivers that you are braking. Unfortunately, the bulbs in your car typically burn out over time due to excessive usage.

If your brake or tail light bulb has burned out, replacing it is an inexpensive and straightforward way to restore the function of your vehicle’s lights.

To replace your brake or tail light bulb, you will need a small flathead screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool. Next, locate the two notches on the outer edge of the black plastic trim cover.


Your car brake lights are an integral safety measure. They alert drivers behind you when you’re slowing or stopping.

They’re also an effective way to make yourself stand out as a driver on the road and alert other vehicles of your presence. If your brake lights aren’t functioning properly, it’s wise to get them checked out promptly.

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning brake light switch is usually easy to identify and replace. When you press on the pedal, an internal switch sends a signal to the rear brake light bulbs to illuminate.

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Once you let go of the pedal, those bulbs remain illuminated until you hit the brake switch again. However, when your brake switch becomes dirty or worn down, it may interfere with its ability to make positive contact and transmit an accurate signal. A malfunctioning brake light switch is commonly the cause of all three brake lights failing simultaneously. When your mechanic detects this problem, they can quickly diagnose and replace the faulty switch with ease.

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