2004 Cadillac Escalade Third Brake Light Replacement

The third brake light is an essential safety feature that alerts other drivers when you have stopped. It has become a legal requirement on all modern vehicles.

If your 2004 Cadillac Escalade third brake light is damaged or you need an upgraded light, O’Reilly Auto Parts offers high quality replacement products that will meet all of your requirements and keep you safe on the road.

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Brake Lights

Your brake lights come on when you press the brake pedal, helping to protect you from being rear-ended by other cars on the road. Over time, brake light bulbs may become dim or burn out altogether. It’s best to replace these bulbs when they start going dim as this will increase safety while decreasing future replacement needs.

Your third brake light is an advanced safety feature that provides drivers behind you with one more alert of when to stop, helping them avoid being rearended. This type of light is now mandatory on all modern vehicles as part of a comprehensive safety protocol.

A malfunctioning third brake light can lead to an accident or ticket, so it’s essential that you keep it in proper working condition. Fortunately, replacements are easy to come by from O’Reilly Auto Parts.

To begin, first you’ll need to remove the housing that holds the third brake light in place. This housing is bolted onto the back of the trunk lid with one bolt that needs loosening. After taking out the brake light, it becomes much easier to take apart other parts of the unit and determine what needs replacing.

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Once you’ve taken the brake light and other parts out of the housing, you should be left with two pieces of red plastic that are glued together. Carefully separate these pieces while being mindful not to damage any wiring.

Next, cut the wires from the red plastic and insert them into the holes on the back of a high mount stop light. Be gentle when soldering as these wires could potentially touch or blow a fuse. After installation is complete, put back the housing and test it out!

Third Brake Light

Third brake lights are now standard equipment on many modern vehicles, so it’s wise to get yours replaced before you need it. Not only are they the coolest looking of all brake lights, but they offer the chance for some added style and flair as well. Popular colors include silver, gray and black with custom engraving available too! However be aware that third brake lights can be quite pricey so be sure to shop around for the best deal available!

To find out, pick up a copy of O’Reilly Auto Parts’ new car specials guide or browse our online inventory. If you don’t feel like visiting one of our big box stores, we can send your bling straight to you via one of our courier partners – it may take a few days, but rest assured knowing your bling will arrive safely and securely.

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Once everything is taken care of, you may be pleasantly surprised at the price you pay.

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