Why a Brake Light Bulb Replacement is Important for Your 2016 Nissan Rogue

A functioning brake light bulb is an essential safety element in your car. It alerts drivers when you apply the brakes, helping to reduce rear end collisions.

When your bulb burns out or breaks, you are more vulnerable to getting into an accident and/or being cited by police officers. Replacing the bulb promptly is therefore a wise idea.

Brake Light

Maintaining a functional brake light bulb is essential for safety and alerting other drivers when you’re slowing down. Failure to comply with this law may result in a fine.

A burnt out brake light bulb can be an easy reason for police officers to pull you over, so replacing it promptly is critical. Furthermore, if the tail light cover is broken, debris could get into the bulbs and reduce their lifespan.

Altering a brake, rear turn signal, reverse or parking light bulb on second generation 2014-2016 and facelifted 2017-2018 Nissan Rogue SUVs is an easy DIY maintenance task that only requires the use of a 10mm socket, 1/4″ drive ratchet and plastic pry bar tool. All necessary tools for this task can be found at home: 10mm socket; 1/4″ drive ratchet; plastic pry bar tool.

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Tail Light

A burning out tail light bulb can create a dangerous situation on the road. Your vehicle’s lights at the back help other drivers see you and judge distance at night, so if one of yours goes out, be sure to replace it immediately.

Many vehicles feature a single bulb with two filaments – one for each circuit. The thinner filament serves as the tail light, while the thicker one serves as the brake light.

To replace brake light bulbs, begin by taking out four 10mm bolts that secure the rear side of the housing in place. Turn them counterclockwise using a 10mm socket and 1/4″ drive ratchet to release them from their sockets.

Turn Signal

When making a left or right turn, your vehicle needs an unmistakable signal so other drivers know your intentions. Not using your turn signal is required by law and should become part of your automatic driving habits.

To activate your turn signal, pull down on the lever with your left hand. As soon as it is engaged, an arrow light will begin blinking on your dashboard instrument cluster.

The arrow light will also emit a clicking sound at regular intervals to indicate your turning direction. This is an advantageous feature to notify other drivers, especially pedestrians and bicyclists who may not be able to see your headlights.

Turn signals are essential when changing lanes or exiting off a highway. It is recommended that you activate your turn signals at least 100 feet prior to making any maneuver, giving other drivers and bicyclists time to react.

Side Marker

The side marker bulb on your Nissan Rogue is an integral component of the lighting setup in your vehicle. This simple bulb helps other drivers understand your intentions when making turns, braking or slowing down, which in turn decreases the risk of getting involved in an accident.

Side marker bulbs can help you navigate a parking lot or on dark roads by alerting other drivers when changing lanes. Therefore, keeping them in good working order is essential for staying safe on the roads and being more aware of other drivers.

These replacement side marker bulbs for your Nissan Rogue offer a modern upgrade over the original halogen bulbs, offering brighter output and longer lifespan. Furthermore, these non-polarity bulbs require no modification or flipping of the bulb to install; no flipping required!

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