Toyota Tacoma Third Brake Light Bulb Replacement

A malfunctioning brake light bulb is a serious safety risk. Without them, drivers behind you won’t know that you are about to apply the brakes.

Thankfully, changing your Toyota Tacoma third brake light bulb is a simple DIY project that takes only minutes to complete.

Brake Light Socket

The brake light bulb is an integral component of your vehicle, as it illuminates when applying the brakes to alert other drivers that you are slowing down. Without working brake lights, you run the risk of causing an accident or being pulled over by police officers.

You can tell if your brake lights are malfunctioning by testing the brake light socket. Depending on your make and model, you may have to replace this part with a new socket.

First, inspect the inside of the socket for signs of rust or corrosion. If present, soak a rag with white vinegar and push it into the socket; this should help break up the rust and clean it out.

Next, test the brake light wires with a tester to confirm two of its socket contacts are working (ground will not).

If the wires or connection in your socket have become severely corrosion, it’s time to replace this part. Usually, you can find the right part at an auto parts store; alternatively, take your car into a mechanic and have them replace the entire socket for you.

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Brake Light Wiring

Brake lights and taillights on your vehicle are essential for road safety, serving different functions but working together to guarantee other drivers can see your car when driving on the highway or during bad weather conditions.

If your tail lights aren’t working but your brake lights are, there may be an issue with their wiring connections. Diagnosing this problem can be tricky so we suggest taking your truck into a mechanic as soon as you’ve checked all fuses and bulbs.

Another possibility is that your brake light switch is malfunctioning. While this can often be an easy fix, it’s best to call a mechanic before attempting the repair yourself.

To check if your tail and brake lights share the same bulb, have someone press down on your brake pedal while looking underneath your taillight lens cover. Usually, one bulb will illuminate at the bottom of your taillight assembly – this is what needs replacing; an easy fix that saves both time and money. Alternatively, opt for LED brake light bulbs which have longer life spans and are much brighter than traditional bulbs.

Third Brake Light

The third brake light bulb is an essential element of your car’s safety system. When you press on the brake pedal, it illuminates and signals other drivers that you are slowing down. Additionally, this light can come in handy if there’s been a rear-end collision.

Since 1986, America has required vehicles to have a third brake light located higher than the left and right stop lamps. This device enhances driver-to-driver communication while decreasing rear-end accidents.

A third brake light provides additional visibility for drivers to identify the vehicle ahead of them, and studies show it reduces the likelihood of rear-end collisions.

Before replacing your factory 3rd brake light bulb, be sure to take off its plastic housing. To do this, use a flat head screwdriver.

Once the housing has been taken off, you should be able to unscrew the old bulb and connector from its socket with minimal force. If not, try rotating it half a turn counterclockwise for easier removal.

If you’re looking to give your brake lights a modern, performance boost, our LED bulbs are an ideal choice. They’re CANBUS compatible, feature built-in circuit protection and won’t cause “lamp out” errors in most applications. Plus, these bulbs are incredibly bright and easy to install – the perfect upgrade!

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