Range Rover Brake Problems: Expert Solutions

Many consider the Range Rover a luxurious vehicle; it stands as Land Rover’s robust 4×4 offering, presently in its fourth generation. Its reputation rests on exceptional performance and extensive versatility, signifying substantial potential for prospective buyers.

However, drivers may encounter a few challenges, which are crucial to be aware of. Thankfully, Our website will provide comprehensive guidance on addressing potential issues with a Range Rover!

Common Range Rover Issues and Associated Repair Costs

Common Range Rover Issues and Associated Repair Costs
Common Range Rover Issues and Associated Repair Costs

Owners have frequently reported these issues on carproblems.com, carcomplaints.com, and the Car Talk Community.

  1. Braking system malfunction: Repair cost – $700
  2. Dual climate control malfunction: Repair cost – $350
  3. Persistent suspension light: Repair cost – $500 – $1,000

Range Rover: Brakes Malfunctioning

Range Rover Brakes Malfunctioning
Range Rover Brakes Malfunctioning
  • Repair cost: $700

Despite its impressive sales figures over the years, the Range Rover has received minimal complaints overall. The most critical concern is brake malfunctioning, with only one reported case. Consequently, it’s likely not a widespread issue among Range Rovers.

In this scenario, drivers often experienced a recurring sequence: braking, a clicking noise, and the activation of “ABS Fault” and “Traction Fault” indicators, which remained illuminated until the engine was turned off. Fortunately, the brakes generally functioned adequately and brought the vehicle to a halt as expected, although there were a few instances of slightly delayed braking.

This situation could pose a safety risk to the driver and passengers and should be promptly addressed.

The signs of brake malfunctioning are relatively apparent, so be attentive to any unusual sensations or sounds when applying the brakes. Also, observe how quickly your Range Rover comes to a stop when the brake pedal is pressed. You should be in good shape if no warning indicators appear and the brakes perform as expected. However, anticipate a repair cost of around $700 if an issue arises.

Issue Two: Dual Climate Control Malfunction

Issue Two Dual Climate Control Malfunction
Problem Two Dual Climate Control Malfunction
  • Repair cost: $350

Dual climate control in a vehicle is designed to allow precise temperature adjustments, delivering hot or cold air per your preferences.

One Range Rover owner reported uneven heating due to a dual climate control system malfunction. In this case, the cooling unit only emitted hot air through the right ducts and cold air through the left, failing to regulate the interior temperature effectively.

The most probable solution involves replacing the AC actuator, as the system may be faulty. On average, this repair has cost drivers around $350. To avoid this issue, thoroughly test the climate control system of any Range Rover you consider purchasing.

Another Common Issue with Range Rovers: Persistent Suspension Light

Another Common Issue with Range Rovers Persistent Suspension Light
Another Common Issue with Range Rovers’ Persistent Suspension Light
  • Repair cost: $500 – $1,000

Once again, with just one reported complaint, we come to the final noteworthy problem in the Range Rover: an unceasing suspension light. The suspension system ensures your vehicle’s safe and smooth movement. It connects the car to its wheels, allowing them to work harmoniously while absorbing any shocks the vehicle may encounter during travel.

When functioning correctly, suspension lights serve as vital indicators, alerting you to potential suspension issues that could impact performance. However, when malfunctioning, these lights can become an annoyance.

Addressing a malfunctioning suspension light that refuses to extinguish can be intricate. A mechanic’s initial step likely involves inspecting the suspension to rule out any problems. If the suspension system is functioning properly, but the light remains faulty, the mechanic may need to adjust the car’s internal system or replace the light entirely.

Depending on the severity of the required solution, expect a repair cost ranging from $500 to $1,000. Fortunately, there has been only one reported case of this problem, making it a relatively low-priority concern.

How to Avoid Purchasing an Unreliable Used Range Rover

Before committing to purchasing a Range Rover, take it for a test drive. Pay close attention to the driving experience, experimenting with lane changes, gear shifts, gentle braking, and abrupt stops.

Test the dual climate control system, adjusting temperatures and airflow through various vents and assessing the consistency of temperature regulation. If all systems function correctly, with no warning lights illuminated, request a pre-purchase inspection by your local mechanic to ensure you are considering a high-quality Range Rover!

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