Brake Light Bulb Replacement For Your 2014 BMW 328i

The 2014 BMW 328i is one of North America’s top-selling high-end sports sedans. Engineered with German technology, it provides refined driving and impressive acceleration in this class of vehicle.

This model year offers a choice of gasoline and diesel engines, offering excellent fuel economy. The 328i gas model achieves 23/36 mpg City/Highway with manual transmission or 24/36 mpg when equipped with an automatic.

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Brake Lights

Your 2014 BMW 328i’s brake lights are an important safety element to help keep you and your passengers safe on the road. When applied, these illuminate to let other drivers know you are slowing down, helping reduce accidents.

At Advance Auto Parts, you’ll find an impressive selection of aftermarket replacement light bulbs, flashers and fuses for your BMW 328i. From a bright new headlight bulb to fog light bulbs that help you see in the dark, we have everything you need.

When shopping for the ideal bulb for your vehicle, the model year and model should be taken into consideration. Verify the bulb size appropriate to your model, its wattage and how it’s used, along with its voltage and application in your vehicle. Furthermore, having a mechanic inspect the bulb, socket and wiring during routine service or maintenance checkups can ensure there are no hidden issues present.

Tail Lights

When driving at night, your tail lights (or light bulbs at the back of your vehicle) help other drivers see you. A malfunctioning tail light bulb could increase your risk for collision and being pulled over by police officers; so make sure to replace them regularly.

Mechanics should inspect your tail lights during a major service to guarantee they’re working correctly. Additionally, they can check the socket and wiring for signs of damage.

Over time, brake light bulbs tend to dim. Therefore, it’s essential to change them regularly; otherwise, any problems within your electrical system could occur.

When replacing a brake light bulb, be careful not to touch the glass part with your fingers as this could cause it to burn out faster than the rest of the bulb.

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Turn Signals

Turn signals are essential safety devices that warn other drivers when your car is turning. When they fail to work, it makes your vehicle less secure and could even result in a ticket.

The brake light switch is a small electrical component that switches the signal bulbs on and off. If this component becomes damaged, your brake lights won’t function when you press the pedal.

If your switch is defective, an auto mechanic with the proper tools can easily replace it. They’ll inspect for fuses and relay failures before replacing the switch if needed.

Your BMW’s factory incandescent turn signals illuminate with a dull glow, taking a moment to blink. With replacement LED bulbs, however, you can instantly upgrade to modern LEDs that flash on and off instantly.

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Side Markers

Brake light bulbs become dim with age and eventually burn out. Checking and replacing these bulbs before they become completely inoperative can help reduce the chance of being rear-ended by cars in front of you.

Your front and rear turn signal bulbs are essential in alerting other drivers when you’re making a turn. Your side marker bulb also serves to alert those next to you when changing lanes or making other maneuvers.

Working 2014 BMW 328i turn signal and side marker lights will keep other drivers aware of your movement, helping to avoid car accidents. Furthermore, having a bright and functional third brake light bulb alerts other motorists that you are slowing down.

LED headlight bulbs or fog light bulbs can enhance visibility at night and in foggy conditions. Make sure to replace your bulbs if they stop working so you can drive more safely!

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