2003 Cadillac Escalade Third Brake Light Replacement

The third brake light is an essential safety device that helps other drivers see your vehicle when you brake. If this light malfunctions, it could result in an accident.

RECON has designed a third brake light suitable for 2003 Cadillac Escalade and all 1999-2013 Ford Superduty trucks that is DOT approved. This light features a smoked/tinted lens with red LEDs.

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Removing the Brake Light Housing

The brake light is an integral component of your car’s system. It helps keep you safe while driving and alerts other motorists that you are applying the brakes.

Brake light bulbs are small incandescent lamps that illuminate when you press the brake pedal. This alerts other cars behind you of your impending stop so they can slow down and avoid hitting you.

When your brake light bulb goes out, it could be indicative of a malfunctioning light filament inside. In such cases, replacing the bulb is recommended.

Removing the brake light housing is a straightforward procedure that only requires a screwdriver and some dielectric grease.

Disconnecting the Wires

Your Cadillac’s brake light switch is part of the brake pedal assembly and serves as a safety feature. It supplies power to signal lights at the back of your vehicle to alert other drivers that you have slowed down.

Your vehicle’s brake light switch can be located in several places, such as beneath the dash or near the top of the pedal. If the lights don’t illuminate when you press its button, it may be time to replace the switch with a new one.

Another potential cause of a non-working brake light could be due to a blown fuse. To fix this, simply take the fuse out of its box under the hood and shine it up against a light.

If you can’t identify which fuse corresponds with your brake lights, consult your car owner’s manual for schematics. Once identified, use a small plastic fuse puller to take it out and replace with one of similar amperage.

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Removing the Third Brake Light

To replace the third brake light on your 2003 Cadillac Escalade, you will first need to remove its housing. This can be accomplished with a flat head screwdriver.

If the housing is stubborn, a hammer and some force may be needed to break it loose. Once taken off, make sure all wires holding the lights to the housing have been disconnected.

Once you have taken the brake light apart, be sure to reconnect it properly. Be careful not to damage any wiring during this process.

The Cadillac Escalade is a large SUV designed to deliver reliable performance and dependability. When issues do arise, you need to be able to trust its components and systems for reliable operation.

Reconnecting the Wires

2003 Cadillac Escalade Third Brake Light Replacement is an excellent option for anyone seeking a brighter and more eye-catching upgrade from standard brake lights. These LED 3rd brake lights boast a smoked/tinted lens with red LEDs that improve visibility on the road while improving safety while driving.

If your brake lights aren’t functioning, a quick inspection of the wires from your light switch to bulb sockets and fuse box panel to light switch should give you an indication as to what may be causing this issue. If there are any loose or damaged connections between these components, take them in for replacement at a local shop.

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Finally, be sure to inspect your electrical ground. If it has become corroded or damaged, this could be contributing to the issue. In such cases, adding an additional ground wire between each tail light assembly and metal point should suffice.

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